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This account is merely a Gateway to my personal blog (GEFBlog)  It’s more or less abandoned now as I’ve moved on from it but I do post maybe a couple times a year if that. It was basically an online journal that I’ve had since probably 2002/2003.  I don’t recommend going to it if you are faint of heart because it can be rude/crude/obscene or downright unprofessional I’m not going to hide from my past it is what it is just know that I have grown and developed into a different person since the time of the GEFBlog.

I have since then started a new Blog for my Business it’s more professional and public friendly lol you can visit it at and click on the Blog menu option.

This is a sample of a post from the GEFNET TechBlog….

The Registry… Why do we need to clean it?

Constant use of windows makes the registry grow out of bounds and slows the system considerably. Regular cleaning with a registry cleaner like CCleaner can fine-tune your system to operate efficiently. There are many things that can slow down the operating system of a computer. The cramming of the registry is only one of the …

Before I finish updating this post let me leave you with a recommendation (like I offer on the TechBlog) I’ve been using Amazon’s FireTV which is pretty epic it has so much more than netflix I love the Amazon Original Shows and I watch a lot of the TV series as well I’m currently going through all past seasons of Supernatural  which I was never a fan of it until I started watching it from the beginning on Amazon. The best part of the FireTV or the FireTV Stick if you prefer is that it’s not just limited to Movies/TV Shows you got games and various different apps and more! it’s an all in one system. That’s why I love it!


Now you don’t have to do this but I also have Amazon Prime which basically opens up the FireTV to everything Amazon has to offer including Amazon Music. You can have the FireTV without having prime but why would you want to? Prime is awesome besides the fact that you get FREE 2 Day shipping on anything you buy you get all of Amazon’s amazing content too!


Personally, I purchase a lot on Amazon so Prime may cost $100 or so a year but I’m not paying for shipping and trust me that adds up! My Prime basically pays for itself because I would spend that much on shipping charges every year so it’s a Win-Win! If you don’t spend that much on shipping every year that’s ok because Prime is still with every penny!

Think of it like this if you break Prime down to a monthly fee it’s not even $10 a month Netflix is more expensive than that now! So in closing take my advice get yourself a FireTV with the Prime membership you will not regret it!

 Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

I don’t recommend anything that I don’t use myself and I wouldn’t advocate for it if it wasn’t worthy that’s how you know you can trust my advice.

For any other comments, suggestions, advice on other products please feel free to reach out to me.

Take care!

Visit me at the GEFNET Tech Blog for all the latest posts. I post at least weekly and sometimes multiple times during the week.


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Post Updated on ♦ December 15, 2017 ♦

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